Ironman Lanzarote 12

           our results


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           photos of me (or scroll down; captions on mouse-over)

             minutes before the race starts

  our team: Elke, Marc, Christian, Haider, Anja, Olaf, Rolf, Jens (taking the photo)

  riding above Teguise   /   at the Mirador del Rio lookout


high tension seconds before the storm

all hell breaks loose at 7 am

age groupers wildly chasing the pros

slower swimmers, more calmly

1h27m: finally out of the sea   /   staggering and fighting with the zipper

1h35m: ready and eager to mount   /   the first kilometer on the bike

bike km 35: Los Hervideros at the El Golfo loop

bike km 38: at El Golfo start climbing to the Fire Mountains   /   bike km 92: Elke and Anja cheering in Teguise

bike km 92: up and up and up...   /   bike km 118: famous Mirador del Rio lookout

7h40m: homing in on Puerto del Carmen

run km 2: now the aching begins

run km 13: on the first and long way back   /   run km 17: passing Anja ...

run km 17: ... and Elke on the first way in   /   run km 18: about to collect the first wristband

run km 20: meeting Anja ...   /   run km 20: ... and Elke again on the second way out

run km 21: being encouraged by Maren and Thomas

run km 25: after the turnaround of the second lap   /   run km 29: hurting uphill but ...

run km 29: ... smiling at Anja and Elke   /   run km 30: coming in to collect the second band

run km 37: with Haider's pringles on the 3rd lap after the final turnaround   /   run km 41: final exertion on the home stretch

run km 42: zooming in on the finisher chute, savoring the crowds   /   11h16m: showdown!

finish: the final steps

                                                            after the handshake with Kenneth Gasque                                     DONE!!!!

sharing relief and happiness

the awards party at Club La Santa